Geodesis scented Candle

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The idea of associating a fragrance with a region of the world lies at the heart of the Geodesis brand. Their unique fragrances are produced in France from selected raw materials, mainly of natural origins. For 14 years they have developed their expertise in scented candle manufacturing, enabling them to select the best waxes. Their cotton safety wicks avoid any over heating and are lead-free, and their diffusers not only scent the room but also add a decorative touch. Geodesis offer original scents including Aloe and Agar wood, which express the diversity of the planet’s natural resources. Weight: 220 g. Burning time of 60 hours

Clove Tree: A spicy warm scent with an intense floral background, originated from the Moluques archipelago.

Balsam Fir: A very original scent, both camphorated and slightly fruity, from a conifer that grows in Canada.