L:a Bruket Liquid Soap Koriander/Black Pepper

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L:A BRUKET is a skincare brand hailing from the western coast of Sweden. Working with nature is a principal that guides the brand as they constantly strive to find the best combinations of natural and organic ingredients from land and sea. 

Highly moisturizing liquid hand and body wash. Organic essential oil mix of blackpepper and coriander seeds that are warmingand relaxing as well as stimulating. Secret tip: Use it in your bath to relax after an exhausting day with lots of buzz. Organic and/or natural ingredients. Coriander seed oil is one of the earliest aroma therapeutic herbs which is used for its stimulating, relaxing and warming effects. It also has bacteriostatic properties. Black pepper seed oil with its warming and stimulating properties also eases strained muscles.

available in 2 sizes