Hairbrush Delphin And Emerence

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Hairbrush handmade in Belgium with pure wild boar bristles, natural walnut wood and natural anti-static rubber cushion. DELPHIN & EMERENCE relies on more then 80 years of brush making and is therefore Considered the best hairbrush in the world! There is a brush for every hair style, these brushes will change your hair...

Mistletoe: This brush is suited for fine to normal hair types, when you have easy tangling hair and when it is difficult to brush your hair when it is wet. This detangle brush gently brushes out knots and tangles. The natural bristles smooth and nourish your hair.

Apple Blossom: A caring and healing hairbrush designed to nurture and smooth fine to normal hair types with minor knits and tangles: light curls, naturally wavy and light Asian hair types. This brush is made of the highest quality natural pure wild boar bristles only which offer a gentle scalp-stimulating massage. 

Magnolia Blossom: A caring and healing hairbrush designed to nurture and smooth very dense curls and very thick and heavy hair types. This brush is made of natural pure wild boar bristles with a hint of one of the types of our specially created caring version of “GinaFibra”, offering sufficient strength to be able to get through more challenging hair types. 

Peach Blossom: Our most gentle, soft and delicate brush. It is made of the softest kind of natural bristles. Suited for people with thinning and ageing hair and a sensitive scalp, babies and toddlers, people recovering from cancer treatment, chronic pain patients, …  It can also be used as a dry brush gently exfoliating your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and ingrown hairs after epilating or shaving.